The Dawoodi Bohras of Canada

Like their brothers and sisters who have settled in diverse regions around the world, the Dawoodi Bohras of Canada adhere to the Prophetic tradition which established love for one’s country of abode as an integral part of the faith. Accordingly, Bohra communities across the nation expend every effort towards the growth and development of the country; they work for the betterment of her people, always striving to strengthen the fraternal bonds that unite them.

With 1,232 families, and 2 masjids and 6 community centres across the country that act as the loci of religious practice and community outreach, the thriving Bohra community of Canada is an exemplar of how tradition and modernity can go hand in hand in today’s world and how the smallest of communities can make lasting and positive contributions to society through sincere and dedicated service. 

Love of our country is a part of our faith

Throughout the world, Dawoodi Bohras are guided by their leader, the 53rd al-Dai al-Mutlaq, His Holiness Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin. He encourages his followers, including those in Canada, to always remain loyal and law-abiding citizens and wholeheartedly contribute to the society in which they live.


Our Communities

Many Canadian Dawoodi Bohras are doctors, engineers, teachers, academics, civil servants and successful entrepreneurs and business owners. They are proud of the contributions they make to Canadian society and continue to enrich the diversity that underpins the nation’s democratic values.

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