Expanding Calgary’s Urban Canopy; Making Environmentally Sustainable Choices

The actions of the Dawoodi Bohra children are a small but important step towards building a greener and more sustainable city. Such activities – held under the Project Rise banner – are part of a worldwide effort by Bohras to protect and enhance the natural environment, while raising awareness of the need to live sustainably, for example by eliminating single-use plastics.

Earlier in the year, Dawoodi Bohras women and children from Calgary held community workshops to encourage the recycling, reuse and upcycling of plastics. Members of the faith have making great strides to upcycle plastic containers, bottles and bags by converting them into planters, plant stands, mats, fridge magnets and many other innovative products. Such actions reduce plastic waste sent to landfill and promote a culture of reusing our resources.

The Dawoodi Bohras of Calgary are planning further Project Rise activities in 2021, including habitat restoration and cleanup activities.  It is a collective goal of Bohras worldwide to make our planet cleaner and healthier so that generations to come can enjoy its resources and beauty in sustainable ways.

Making cities greener is a priority of Project Rise, a global Dawoodi Bohras initiative that strives to support vulnerable people and protect the natural environment.

To mark Canada Day, children of the Dawoodi Bohra community of Calgary played their part by planting trees in the grounds of their masjid to help increase the urban tree canopy.  They also shared plants and trees with other Bohra families to take home and plant in their back yards.

The city of Calgary has set a target of doubling its tree canopy – currently 8.5% – by 2060.  Planting more trees and urban forest cover will lead to better storm water drainage, higher quality soil, more biodiversity, and healthier air in the future. 

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