Calgary Bohras Volunteer for Annual City Clean-Up

The Dawoodi Bohras of Calgary participated in the 54th annual pathway and river clean-up. This is a yearly event coinciding with World Clean-up Day organised by the City of Calgary. 

All over the world, Dawoodi Bohras regularly volunteer to help keep their cities, rivers and coastlines clean as part of their global Project Rise initiative.

The City of Calgary program is completely volunteer driven. Every year, hundreds of volunteers sign up, form teams, choose a park or pathway close to a water body in the city, and pick up trash.  The Bow River that passes through Calgary is the main water source for the city.  In addition, it is the habitat for  wildlife, especially birds.  Countless pathways and parks near the river are a great source of recreation and relaxation for local residents.  Most communities in Calgary have little creeks, ponds and storm water ponds in their green spaces that are home to many native birds and insects.  Keeping these areas clean and litter free is important for the maintenance of these parks and pathways for future generations. 

The Dawoodi Bohra concept and value of  cleanliness is an important aspect of their everyday lives.  Cleanliness of homes, communities and the environment is paramount for the health and well-being of any city’s citizens.  Bohras around the world take part in countless events to keep cities and the environment trash free.  In addition, the community also encourages upcycling of plastic and reducing plastic waste.  The annual City of Calgary aligns closely with our values and, as such, is eagerly attended by local Bohras every year.

The group of Dawoodi Bohra volunteers was over thirty strong and included members of all ages, with the youngest volunteers being just five years old.  Supplied with garbage bags, gloves and litter pickers, the volunteers spent more than two hours collecting litter in their designated area, while enjoying the beautiful fall Calgary weather and the company of many duck families.  This was the second year of participation for the local Dawoodi Bohras in this Calgary event and the community is eager to make it an annual tradition.  The community in Calgary is very excited to actively participate in and contribute to the #yyccleans movement. 


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