Calgary Bohras Support Veterans on World Food Day

The Dawoodi Bohra community of Calgary marked World Food Day 2021 by undertaking a four-day food drive in aid of the Veterans Food Bank in Calgary, which supports veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, Reserves and First Responders that are eligible for assistance.

The 100 families of the local Dawoodi Bohra community collected several hundred pounds of food and supplies, focussing on the items most needed by the Veterans Food Bank.  The volunteers sorted and packed the items, and dropped them off at the food bank.

“Our Actions are our Future” is a regular theme of World Food Day, which this year fell on October 16th Saturday.  World Food Day is a United Nations initiative to spread awareness of food security and to promote action to contribute towards ending hunger in communities across the world.

Food security and ending hunger are values that hold great importance in the Dawoodi Bohra faith and community.  Under the global Project Rise initiative, members of the Dawoodi Bohras regularly organise activities around the world to end hunger.  The food drive by the Dawoodi Bohras of Calgary, which was in keeping with the central theme of this year’s World Food Day, was a humble effort to give a helping hand to those who need support acquiring food in the city, and was undertaken by Bohra volunteers of all ages.

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