Vancouver Dawoodi Bohras Help to Enhance Surrey’s Urban Forest

Thirty members of the Dawoodi Bohra community of Vancouver recently partnered with the City of Surrey’s Releaf Tree Planting programme to plant 15 trees at the Hazelnut Meadows Community Park.

Armed with gloves and shovels, the Bohra volunteers were given an introduction to tree planting by a Releaf Tree Planting representative, including a question-and-answer session for the children, as well as information on why it is important to increase the urban tree canopy and provide wildlife with a proper habitat. 

In groups of two, volunteers first dug holes for each tree, before carefully removing the tree from the pot, and giving the roots a light massage to ensure that they grow outwards.  The tree was then placed in the hole and the soil was packed around it.

Commenting on the tree plantings, Neal Aven, Manager of Parks, City of Surrey, said, “Planting trees helps to increase biodiversity and makes our communities more resilient to climate change. We thank the Dawoodi Bohras of Vancouver for participating in our Releaf Tree Planting program, helping to enhance the urban forest and contributing to our vision of a thriving, green inclusive city.”

Sheikh Huzeifa Hamid, the head of the Bohras’ Vancouver community, added, “Planting trees is a priority for the Dawoodi Bohras, whose faith requires them to strive to protect and preserve nature and respect all living beings.  Dawoodi Bohras all over the world routinely engage in clean ups, tree plantings and other activities to help leave each place better than they found it.”

The event was part of Project Rise – a wide-ranging global initiative established by the Dawoodi Bohra faith to improve the lives of the less fortunate among us.  Programs include support for food and nutrition, water and sanitation, and education, as well as through environmental programmes to clear waterways of trash and eliminate single-use plastics.

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