Helping Refugees to Prepare for Winter in Edmonton

Taking into account the crisis unfolding in Afghanistan, the Dawoodi Bohra community of Edmonton put their minds to work to try to help the thousands of refugees being resettled in Canada.

The community decided to tackle the unfamiliar winter many refugees would be exposed to as they arrive in Edmonton, and therefore initiated a donation drive to collect warm winter clothing and accessories to donate to the Islamic Family and Social Services Association (IFSSA) – an organization appointed by the Government to facilitate the refugees’ integration into their new homes. 

By the end of the donation drive, Dawoodi Bohra members had collected over 350 pieces of essential winter clothing consisting of winter jackets for children and adults, scarves, toques and gloves.  Over two weekends, members of all ages came together to help inspect, clean, fold, categorize, pack neatly into boxes, and finally drop them off at IFSSA just in time for the arriving Afghan refugees. 

Helping the less fortunate and needy in society is a priority for the Dawoodi Bohras and is a part of their Project Rise activities – a wide-ranging global initiative established by the Dawoodi Bohra faith to improve the lives of the less fortunate among us.  This strong belief of compassion and helping others are considered good deeds in looking out for the less fortunate in society.  Charity is not just spending money but involves the giving of time to help others.  Dawoodi Bohras all over the world participate in such donation drives to alleviate the burden on the needy in society.

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