Supporting Vulnerable Women of Edmonton with Home Cooked Meals

The Dawoodi Bohra community of Edmonton marked Islamic Heritage Month (Canada) and World Food Day 2021 by cooking and donating fresh hot meals to Wings of Providence, a non-profit second stage shelter dedicated to supporting women with children who have experienced family violence, poverty, language and cultural barriers, mental health and addiction, affordable housing and childcare, legal matters.

Members of the Dawoodi Bohra community gathered in their community kitchen in Edmonton to help cook and package meals consisting of butter chicken curry, rice and grapes.  Once the meals were cooked by the skilled community chefs, members of all ages came together to help package the meals.  A total of fifty meals were prepared to ensure each family under the shelter’s care were catered for. 

The older members handled the delicate task of filling the hot curry and rice into individual containers, while the younger Bohras were delegated the task of bunching up the grapes for each meal. Even younger members were given the fun task of sticking labels on the container lids.

Once prepared, the meals were dropped off at the shelter just in time for supper.  The hot dinners were received with extreme gratitude and were appreciated by all the families who were very impressed with the quality and flavour of the food prepared by the Dawoodi Bohras.  The Wings of Providence invited the Bohra community for a tour of their facility once the COVID-19 situation settles. 

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