World Food Day: Dawoodi Bohras of Edmonton Partner Again with Local NonProfits

For World Food Day 2022, members of the Dawoodi Bohra community of Edmonton came together to raise funds to aid those in need while seeking solutions to the causes of hunger.  The pooled funds were used to donate a total of 156 bags of rice, amounting to over 700 kilograms of food, to the Edmonton Bohras’ long-term partners, Wings of Providence Women’s Shelter and the Islamic Family and Social Services Association (IFSSA).

Wings of Providence (WINGS) is a second stage shelter dedicated to supporting women with children who have experienced family violence, poverty, language and cultural barriers, mental health and addiction, affordable housing and childcare, and legal matters. The Dawoodi Bohras of Edmonton have partnered with WINGS on multiple occasions over the past few years and have frequently donated cooked meals and hygiene products. 

Rhonda Janzen, Manager of Resources and Development at WINGS, said “Your ongoing commitment to donating essential groceries and delicious hot meals to WINGS not only helps to provide food security for our families, but also shows them that they are not alone, and that the community supports their decision to break the cycle of family violence.  Many of the families at WINGS struggle with poverty and food security, in addition to the effects of experiencing violence in the home.  When we deliver the hot meals and groceries to the families’ apartment suites, many of the moms and children are waiting with their doors open in excitement for dinner!  The kids often give staff big thank you hugs and giggle with joy as they run back into their apartments smelling the heavenly aromas of your delicious food!

The Islamic Family and Social Services Association (IFSSA) provides a holistic approach to community well-being that is culturally and spiritually sensitive.  IFSSA serves the Edmonton community through a halal food bank, family violence counseling, a youth program, refugee support, and much more.  The Dawoodi Bohras of Edmonton frequently partner with IFSSA to donate staple food items, winter clothing, childrens gifts, and other items, and have done so for a number of years now.

Omar Yaqub at IFSSA said, “The Dawoodi Bohra community helps Islamic Family provide much needed halal food and staple goods to the most in need in our community.  The community steps up when there is a need for volunteers, and is the first to offer support when needed. The community serves with Ihsan (excellence).  Together we have helped thousands struggling with poverty find relief and brotherly support when it’s most needed.”

Members of the Dawoodi Bohras of Edmonton are humbled to have been able to aid in the efforts of these two organizations, and hope to continue partnering with them in the future. The donations were undertaken as part of Project Rise, the Dawoodi Bohras’ global initiative to raise the living standards of vulnerable members of society while protecting and enhancing the natural environment.

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