Mississauga Mayor appreciates the Dawoodi Bohras for food drive contributions

Mayor Bonnie Crombie felicitated the Dawoodi Bohras of Mississauga with a Certificate of Appreciation for the community’s contribution to the Mayor’s Holiday Food Drive in 2022. The campaign was initiated to address the growing food insecurity and demand for food bank services across Mississauga. Responding to the needs of the larger community, the Dawoodi Bohras raised money for the Mississauga Food Bank to provide healthy meals to those accessing its services.

Praising the Dawoodi Bohra community for their contributions, Mayor Crombie said, “Thanks to your generosity and compassion, we were able to help feed those in need in our community.” The Mayor’s Holiday Food Drive exceeded its goal and raised over $1.7 million and over 450,000 pounds of food for over 30,000 people using food bank services, which sees 18% more users each month, as compared to the year 2021. 

The Dawoodi Bohras of Mississauga were proud to be amongst those who “stepped up and showed their support for their community” as described by Mayor Crombie. Combating food insecurity has long been an initiative of the global Dawoodi Bohra community. The Bohras of Mississauga continue in the local fight against hunger, as part of Project Rise, the community’s global welfare initiative which strives to make zero hunger and the accessibility of nutritious sustenance a reality for all.

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