Turning Trials into Triumphs: The Resilient Journey of a Dawoodi Bohra Entrepreneur

Turning Trials into Triumphs: The Resilient Journey of a Female Entrepreneur from Vancouver Dawoodi Bohra community

Tahani Mutahar-Nezar, a Yemen-born entrepreneur and vibrant member of the Vancouver Dawoodi Bohra community, personifies resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. Her journey, from Yemen to Canada, is an inspiring story of an immigrant woman who overcame adversity to find success in a new land. Today, she heads a thriving business, Tahani Art and Resin, bringing a piece of her culture into homes across Vancouver. Her tale is a testament to the power of faith & perseverance which mirrors the Dawoodi Bohras’ ethos.

Upon moving to Canada in 2012, Tahani faced the formidable challenge of a language barrier. She recalls, “I did not know a word of English.” Undeterred, she enrolled in the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program to overcome this barrier. Tahani’s perseverance saw her successfully pass her Citizenship and Driver’s tests, and more importantly, gave her the confidence to interact and engage with her new community.

Drawing upon her Yemeni roots and her love for handcrafted decorative items, Tahani channeled her creativity into a successful venture that started as a pastime. Her journey began with cooking, and gradually extended to crafting for friends and family. Over two years, her pastime evolved into a thriving enterprise. “The most enjoyable part of making the products is the happiness I see on my customers’ faces when they receive their orders!” Tahani says.

Tahani’s artistry, showcased in various exhibitions and even celebratory events at her community center, has earned her praise and recognition. Yet, her journey hasn’t been without hurdles. A shoulder injury threatened to halt her progress, but her faith provided her with strength and perseverance to keep moving forward.

Beyond her business, Tahani holds a prominent role as the Vice President of the Yemeni Society in Vancouver. Her proficiency in English has empowered her to aid her community and advocate for Yemenis in Canada, liaising with various charitable organizations.

Tahani’s journey serves as an inspiration for other women in the Dawoodi Bohra community and beyond. As she continues to weave her vibrant tapestry of life in Vancouver, her story illustrates the potential within each of us to turn trials into triumphs and evokes a sense of appreciation for the values inherent in the Dawoodi Bohra community.

8 thoughts on “Turning Trials into Triumphs: The Resilient Journey of a Dawoodi Bohra Entrepreneur

  1. Naseem Mohammedali says:

    Tahani congratulations! So proud of your achievements. Keep up the good work. Always, Keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours. Wish you happiness and success in all your endeavors.

  2. Samina salemewalla . says:

    Hi though I hvnt met u but seems u doing very well n achieved a lot. My aunt from Canada.
    KIMBERLY She praised so much. From one end to another, with your totally effort, now where u reached. Hats off. God always b with u. Your hard work paying u.. I’m from daresalaam tanzania.

  3. Arwa Raja says:

    Tahani, so proud of you, you are not only like a daughter to me, but an inspiration. Where there is a will, there is a way. Keep it up and may you grow leaps and bounds. God bless

  4. Nafisa Ghadiali says:

    Tahani, I am so fortunate to have met you and be a part of Mashtal in Chicago. I am so proud of you, respect and admire you. May you continue your journey to success and be an inspiration to others!

  5. Nafisa k says:

    Inspiring story indeed.i am coming to Vancouver in the first week of September. Inshaallah Hope I am lucky enough yo meet you.

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