Amongst the diverse communities residing in the city, the Dawoodi Bohra families, though small in number, are an integral part of Calgary. The first residents arrived here during the early seventies. These pioneers played an important role in supplying the world with crude oil.

Who we are

The Dawoodi Bohras residing in Calgary hail from all parts of the world including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Kenya and Yemen among others. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they are all united by their love for the country and dedication to the betterment of Calgarian society. The community consists of doctors, engineers, geologists, accountants, educationalists, other professionals and of course entrepreneurs. A large number of residents run their own businesses.

The Dawoodi Bohra community here has grown significantly over the last decade. Calgary has been a welcoming home to the Bohras and provides them with opportunities for growth and prosperity. During the last three years, the community has become more visible as a result of its active participation in local philanthropic initiatives and its engagement with members of Parliament, members of the Legislative Assembly as well as local aldermen in the interest of socio economic progress.

Our Markaz

The Dawoodi Bohras in Calgary number about 400 people constituting about a hundred families. There is a community center in Calgary where they congregate to practice their faith. The congregation benefits from services like daily prayers, religious ceremonies, faith based learning, a hall for private occasions, national and regional holiday celebrations and other meetings. Our community kitchens facilities provide daily meals to our members, as well as supplies and donations to various food charities such as The Mustard seed and the Salvation Army.

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